The key to digital transformation lies with the people who shape and implement it responsibly. Don’t just become the best leader, enable, empower and promote your employees along the way.

Leadership &
leadership style
in the 21st century

Workshops, Lectures, Coaching & Consulting

You have the choice which format you decide upon: Face-to-face and online workshops, in-house trainings, fireside chats or lectures.
We design and deliver customized workshop courses and consulting support combining the knowledge and tools of our international community with your team’s expertise of its context and business challenges. In addition, our experts are also available to offer you individual support in coaching and consulting projects.

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These are the issues that concern us:

In times of change it is particularly important to have a courageous, intelligent and socially
competent leadership style.

Our conviction is:
You don't build a business, you build people.
And then people build the business.

  1. 01

    Leadership communication

    How do I become a Listening Leader and thereby make active listening my competence as a leader?

  2. 02

    Leading in a dynamic environment

    How do I move from change manager to change curator? Collaboration eye to eye is the foundation for change.

  3. 03

    Leadership style in New Work

    How can one balance loss of control together with trust and personal & digital communication?

  4. 04

    Leadership effect

    How do appearance, voice and body language make an important contribution to personal success?

  5. 05

    Leadership among the next generation

    What makes the next generation tick - and what kind of leadership will appeal to the next generation?

  6. 06


    How do I motivate people with autonomy, excellence and a sense of purpose?

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Become a great leader, improve your performance and succeed in business by communicating and listening more effectively.

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