Only by listening seriously can you gain the support of your stakeholders and optimize your performance as a manager. Because valuable information for strategies and visions can be derived from what you hear.

Communication –
Conduct a unifying dialogue

Workshops, Lectures, Coaching & Consulting

You have the choice which format you decide upon: Face-to-face and online workshops, in-house trainings, fireside chats or lectures.
We design and deliver customized workshop courses and consulting support combining the knowledge and tools of our international community with your team’s expertise of its context and business challenges. In addition, our experts are also available to offer you individual support in coaching and consulting projects.

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These are the issues that concern us:

Those who listen are better understood. Especially in a digital and complex world, your communication –
which is above all the art of listening – reaches a new dimension:

Your strategy becomes more sustainable.
Your vision becomes more compelling.
Your messages will be more effective.
Your conversations become more purposeful.

  1. 01

    Living stories

    How do I communicate persuasively and engagingly using the storytelling method?

  2. 02

    Effective presence

    How do I master the dialogue with journalists, presenters, partners or shareholders?

  3. 03

    Style of communication

    How do I effectively use different communication styles in leadership?

  4. 04

    Leadership communication

    How do I become a listening leader and thereby make active listening my competence as a leader?

  5. 05

    Reputation management

    How do I minimize risks with active crisis prevention and contribute to sustainable corporate success?

  6. 06

    Crisis communication

    How do I recognize crises & developments critical to success at an early stage? What are the essential and immediate aids in an emergency?

Our experts for your success

Discuss, benefit and learn from the professionals of the ORVIETO ACADEMY in the field of communication:
Practical experience, scientific impulses, creative impulses for thought and immediately applicable instructions for your company.

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Only by knowing & understanding the needs of the stakeholders can the leader improve the performance.

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