Storytelling & narrative leadership techniques

Communication training for inspiring leaders


“I believe that sad stories of concrete suffering are usually a better way to get people to change their behaviour than quoting universal rules.“ – Richard Rorty, Philosoph

Facts create boundaries. Stories dissolve boundaries. Facts don’t trigger much emotion. Stories, on the other hand, win people over emotionally. For themselves and for the cause. The training shows how to motivate people with good stories, how to involve them and how to put the work on a common basis. Participants learn about the communicative effects of stories and how to use them. The training teaches the cultural basics of story patterns and shows how they can be used in leading, managing and motivating teams. The pitfalls of narrative communication are shown in concrete situations and ways to avoid them are developed.

This is what you will learn in the seminar


In this seminar you will learn how to use stories to …

  • … be remembered for a long time
  • … motivate teams intrinsically & sustainably for personal responsibility
  • … promote internal and external change
  • … narratively underpin strategic visions
  • … strengthen emotional influence, even without direct leadership responsibility


A portfolio of (own) stories that …

  • … increases communicative impact in conversations and presentations
  • … underlines authenticity
  • … a great toolkit to tell / write these stories in an appealing way.


What makes the difference in this workshop:

  • “to the point” in terms of messages and tools
  • “right to the heart” in access to the participants
  • “no nonsense” in the practical approach

Content design

How stories become unique – Story-Finding

  • How to find your very own story and get to the heart of it
  • Story archetypes and how they influence our communication behaviour
  • How archetypes help to position and strategically reinforce core messages

How facts become stories – Story Building

  • Developing stories strategically
  • Using stories to create a sustainable emotional relationship with the target group
  • Agenda setting & agenda surfing as communicative resources in the story process
  • Using trends as a means of transport for stories


How it sounds and looks best – Story-Telling

  • What when for whom – story curating
  • Arousing emotions with stories
  • Dramatic without drama: Dramatic elements in storytelling
  • Building keyword registers for different topics
  • Telling the right story – telling the story right

First day

  • Archetypal story patterns and their mode of action
  • Psychological bases of the effect of stories
  • Developing listening skills as the basis of the story
  • Shaping stories that strengthen trust in you as a leader
  • Conveying values
  • Enabling knowledge sharing
  • Enabling teamwork and improving cooperation
  • Give employees confidence in unfamiliar terrain
  • Turning facts and products into stories
  • Using stories to change behaviour


Day two

  • Stories for “difficult employees”
  • Telling the right story – telling the story right
  • Conveying morals without moralising
  • Better questions – better stories
  • Between authenticity and pathos

Expert Bio

ORVIETO ACADEMY expert: Katja Schleicher
Katja Schleicher ORVIETO ACADEMY expert

Katja Schleicher makes your business communication more targeted and thus more successful. She trains, coaches and accompanies people through the communicative shoals and cultural misunderstandings of business communication. Between cultures and industries as well as between generations and genders. Young managers in their first career steps as well as veteran CEOs. She knew early on that talk is golden and silence is the beginning of all misfortune.

A graduate in German studies, psychology and linguistics, she gained 20 years of international experience in public relations, TV and corporate communications before setting up her own pan-European communication coaching company, Impact! Communication Coaching, her own pan-European training company.

Her drive: to reduce communicative misunderstandings and pave the way for communicative cooperation.

Our method

The workshop offers all the prerequisites for a pleasant working atmosphere and an individual setting. The programme takes care to address the individual, concrete questions of the participants. Your trainer imparts comprehensive knowledge combined with many practical experiences, examples and exercises. She shows tools and aids that can be integrated into everyday working life (quick references).

70 % Workshop (listening, finding appropriate stories, telling stories well)
20% illustrative case studies/ TV examples
10% theory & scientific background


Katja Schleicher will be available to all participants until one year after the workshop for specific questions regarding the seminar content and the implementation of the workshop content in practice.

Who is the seminar suitable for?

All those who want to take the step from “data and facts” manager to inspiring leadership, who want to decide difficult negotiations in their favour earlier and who want to convince customers of their projects in the long term.

The Orvieto Recipe

We focus on content that serves a purpose, but also meets aesthetic, meaningful and harmonious criteria: Depth in the discussion and learning topics; trust and empathy in the interaction within the ORVIETO ACADEMY. Entrepreneurial thinking, attentive listening and acting, focusing on people and their strengths.

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