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The pioneer in business coaching, Anne Scoular, shows in a live demonstration in the “Aquarium” in front of an audience how great coaching works with different models, for different purposes and in different settings. Her coachee: Klaus Ewerth, HR consultant and partner at Amrop Civitas.

Our event on the topic of FISHBOWL COACHING was a great success!

In Fishbowl Coaching you experience the power of observational and imitative learning. We know from social learning theory that we learn very well from the consequences of others’ behavior. We can use other people’s behavior as cues for our own actions. Observing the coaching process of Anne Scoular and Klaus Ewerth resulted in valuable learning – for the practice of coaching as well as for the opportunities for further development and inner growth of those being coached.

Our Speakers

ORVIETO ACADEMY Speaker: Anne Scoular
Anne Scoular Co-Founder of Meyler Campbell and author of the bestseller "The FT Guide on Business Coaching"
ORVIETO ACADEMY Speaker: Klaus Ewerth
Klaus Ewerth Human Resources Consultant and Partner at Amrop Civitas and graduate of Meyler Campbell.
ORVIETO ACADEMY Speaker: Angelika Inglsperger
Angelika Inglsperger Talent Manager and Group Head People Allianz SE
ORVIETO ACADEMY Speaker: Catherine Devitt
Catherine Devitt CEO of Meyler Campbell
ORVIETO ACADEMY founder: Emilio Galli Zugaro
Emilio Galli Zugaro ORVIETO ACADEMY founder

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