Communicative Leadership

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Leading more successfully through Communicative Leadership

How can you enable profitable growth through communicative leadership? And how do you strengthen corporate communications in your company?

The concept of “Communicative Leadership” highlights the substantial contribution that strategic corporate communications can make to economic success. At the same time, Emilio Galli Zugaro outlines the future of professional communication:

It turns a company into a communicative system that listens to its stakeholders and responds to them empathetically; the ongoing optimization of strategy that goes hand in hand with this makes it possible to ensure lasting success, even in the face of change, to survive in a complex environment and to always be sure of acceptance by all stakeholders (“License to Operate”).

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Communicative Leadership

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Training Content:

The 5 principles of Communicative Leadership

  1. 01


    Establishing credibility through excellent information. Building trust and creating relevance for your counterpart.

  2. 02


    Continuous management of stakeholder dialogues through first-class communication and - above all - through proper listening.

  3. 03


    Strengthening human resources by empowering managers and staff through coaching, training and mentoring.

  4. 04


    Commit all energies to profitable growth by empowering employees and other stakeholders.

  5. 05


    Managing change successfully, especially in times of global dialogue in a complex environment.

Our method

The basis of the Masterclass is the book “The Listening Leader” as well as many case studies, tutorials and joint discussions with other peers – theory and practice combined with valuable tips and tools.

There is plenty of room for interaction and dialogue. Each participant receives personal feedback at the end of the workshop. Not to forget: This is a great opportunity for networking with other specialists.



Emilio Galli Zugaro will be available to all participants until one year after the workshop for specific questions regarding the seminar content and the implementation of the workshop content in practice.

The Orvieto Recipe

Orvieto is not only the cradle of our Academy and of Etruscan culture. Orvieto is an attitude: Against the backdrop of the overwhelming architecture and landscape, in our Masterclasses we enable you to deepen topics of communication and leadership in small groups of participants, to rediscover the charm of deceleration, to practice mindfulness and to gain space for personal development.

We invite you to deepen your expert knowledge and at the same time experience a new spirit in our 5-day masterclasses in dialogue with peers. In addition to the training, an attractive and customized social program consisting of teambuilding and the treasures of Etruria offers enough space for this.

ORVIETO ACADEMY founder: Emilio Galli Zugaro
Emilio Galli Zugaro ORVIETO ACADEMY founder

Emilio is a business coach with international experience, specialising in leadership development and communicative leadership. He was Global Head of Communications at Allianz Group from 1992 to 2015. Emilio has a wide range of experience as a leader in managing large specialist teams and as head of global crisis management for Allianz. Emilio is now a professional business coach for senior management and C-suite.

Emilio is considered a thought leader in the field of Communicative Leadership, which focuses on empowering and strengthening leaders and employees. His coaching style is described as results-oriented and honest, with a strong focus on listening, an understanding of the complexities of international operations and in particular diversity and culture-based differences. His professional experience in Italy, France, Benelux, Germany, Asia and the USA is an important anchor for consulting on multicultural issues. Emilio coaches in English, German and Italian, his mother tongue.

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