Leaders need a secure value base, attitude and strength of character to successfully navigate themselves in complex and uncertain times themselves and to support employees well.



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    Energy management & mindfulness

    How do I gain and maintain strength, motivation & joy, even under stress, change & transformation?

  2. 02

    Psychology & brainwork

    Which mental models and beliefs help me in uncertainty?

  3. 03


    How can I creatively adapt to challenging situations? Which principles provide the cultural breeding ground for agile behavior?

  4. 04

    Leadership strength

    How do I build up my resilience and manage my resources consciously?

  5. 05


    How do I give up power, how do I let go, and how do I empower others - gaining freedom for more focus?

  6. 06


    How do I find a sustainable job that fulfills me? How do my interests find a place in the world of work?

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