Ever-increasing stress pushes managers to their limits. The associated stress narrows awareness and perception and solidifies the power of habitual behavior patterns. Transformation becomes more difficult and possibly even impossible.



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You have the choice which format you decide upon: Face-to-face and online workshops, in-house trainings, fireside chats or lectures.
We design and deliver customized workshop courses and consulting support combining the knowledge and tools of our international community with your team’s expertise of its context and business challenges. In addition, our experts are also available to offer you individual support in coaching and consulting projects.

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These are the issues that concern us:

With targeted methods from energy management and mindfulness psychology, it is possible to master stressful situations and reach a balanced state. This means being able to react flexibly and creatively to situations, to act reflectively and to act empathically with one's fellow human beings.

We work together very consciously to strengthen all those areas that can hold people, teams and companies together at their core.

  1. 01

    Energy management & mindfulness

    How do I gain and maintain strength, motivation & joy, even under stress, change & transformation?

  2. 02

    Psychology & brainwork

    Which mental models and beliefs help me in uncertainty?

  3. 03


    How can I creatively adapt to challenging situations? Which principles provide the cultural breeding ground for agile behavior?

  4. 04

    Leadership strength

    How do I build up my resilience and manage my resources consciously?

  5. 05


    How do I give up power, how do I let go, and how do I empower others - gaining freedom for more focus?

  6. 06


    How do I find a sustainable job that fulfills me? How do my interests find a place in the world of work?

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