Waltraud Gläser

ORVIETO ACADEMY expert: Waltraud Gläser
Waltraud Gläser ORVIETO ACADEMY expert

Waltraud Gläser is a passionate systemic organisational consultant, change manager, facilitator, coach and sparring partner for decision makers and executives. Process support in VUCA times is close to her heart. She is curious about what moves companies and people in organisations. In doing so, it is indispensable for her to look at an overall situation from different perspectives in order to grasp “what is going on?” before the “what needs to be done?” becomes clearer and more concrete – as a basis for goal-oriented cooperation.

She was able to sharpen her view from different angles during her time as, an executive business development manager and member of the supervisory board of a listed company. Through her experience and desire to think outside the box, she has an innovative mix of methods and tools for business transformation.

” ‘The solution doesn’t care where the problem comes from’ and also ‘The whole is greater than the sum of its parts’ these are two of my guiding principles. Harnessing potential and fostering collaboration to achieve more together is what drives me. I am constantly learning and expanding my own horizons. From which, in turn, my customers and my environment benefit.”

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