In order to face the changes of the coming years, we need more leaders and visionaries. Therefore, we should strengthen the skills of entrepreneurial thinking and action.

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    Help, I don't understand the mindsets of different generations anymore.

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    Digital appearance

    How do I get my message across concisely and convincingly in digital meetings, online seminars & social media?

  3. 03

    Time management

    How do I create my life-work balance in the digital workday for more productivity and better time management?

  4. 04

    Digital tools

    How do you gain experience despite and especially in digital processes?

  5. 05

    Key figures in management

    How do I link OKRs and KPIs in a meaningful way to improve business performance?

  6. 06

    Role position logic

    Which new positions/functions are making a difference in the new business world (diversity manager, happiness manager, chief heart officer, etc.)?

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