Katja Schleicher

ORVIETO ACADEMY expert: Katja Schleicher
Katja Schleicher ORVIETO ACADEMY expert

Katja Schleicher is a communications trainer and KeyNote speaker. She heads IMPACT! Communication Coaching, a pan-European training office focusing on communication coaching, media & public speaking training & organizational storytelling.

Words, what they mean and how they “get across” to the audience are her passion and business model. In that order. She knew early on that talking is gold and silence is the beginning of all misfortune. That’s why she studied speach and writing and then worked for 15 years in marketing, advertising, TV and corporate communications for high-tech companies.

For a decade she has been on the road with her trainings and programs to the (intercultural) communicative shallows and misunderstandings on the stages of Europe.

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Katja Schleicher

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Katja Schleicher

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