Ingo Hock

Orvieto Academy Experte: Ingo Hock
Ingo Hock ORVIETO ACADEMY expert

Ingo Hock is a systemic organisation consultant, an ardent executive coach and an expert in leadership. As managing partner in the internationally active organisational consultancy creative careers he has accompanied international organisations, teams and senior managers for the last 20 years.

His mission is providing orientation in an ever changing world to enable individuals, teams & leaders to unlock their talents, use their strengths and find their calling.

As author of the book „Coaching als Führungsinstrument“ (coaching as an instrument of leadership) he has concerned himself in-depth with the attitude towards coaching in the everyday world of leadership and has now seized this topic again as CEO of Hock Consulting and created a digital platform for on-line leadership.

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Ingo Hock

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