Team effectiveness

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„The task of leadership is to create an alignment of strengths.“ Peter Drucker

Effective teams are the cornerstones of successful organizations. Our reflections, discussions and practical exercises will be based on the individual Insights Discovery® Preference Profile, a four-color energy model to explain individual preferences, develop social skills and enhance personal communication skills.

Preferences are measured using a quick-to-answer online evaluator prior to the workshop. All participants receive an individual report with valuable information on strengths, possible weaknesses and tips for personal development.

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Team effectiveness

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Date & Time: By arrangement
Duration: Depending on demand, usually 1-2 days
Language: German or English
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What does this Insights Discovery® Team Workshop offer existing teams?

Based on your Insights Discovery Profile, you will learn to drive your personal development steps under the guidance of the coach, Ingo Hock.

All team members gain insight into their personal Insights Discovery Profile. With the help of the team wheel, the team gets to know and understand its team constellation. In this way, you learn together how to align your communication more clearly and successfully with the team needs and the needs of each individual – and thus to work together better.


  • Impact of your own preferences on your individual communication style.
  • Do’s & dont’s of personal communication
  • Consciously adjust oneself better to other people
  • Sharpening one’s own view: Comparison between self-perception and perception by others
  • Understanding the meaning and effects of team constellations
  • Team strengths, challenges and possible blind spots: Reflecting on strengths and weaknesses, recognizing potential, using resources
  • Team: Values in the team and my individual value for the team
  • Actively improve team communication and collaboration
  • Analyze team processes, increase performance and productivity
  • How do we function as a team and what are our strengths?
  • Team dysfunctionalities: Challenges and what we need to learn
  • Practical action plans

What is the Insights Discovery® preference profile?

 The Insights Discovery Preference Profile is an effective tool for personality development.

It supports individuals in getting to know themselves better. It contains numerous hints and clues to derive personal development paths from it. The preference profile is excellently suited for finding out your personal

  • work,
  • leadership,
  • communication and
  • behavioural style

and to make yourself aware of them.

At the same time, you learn how you affect others and how they perceive you. Teams can also be analysed with this instrument according to the same points of view. Each person is recognised in their uniqueness. Difference that is used in a targeted way strengthens teams and organisations.

Insights Discovery uses a four-colour model to clearly explain individual preferences. Preferences are measured with the help of an online evaluation that can be answered quickly. The result is summarised in a clear personal report of 20 to 40 pages. It gives you valuable information about strengths, possible weaknesses and ways of personal development.

What makes the difference in this training

The team is provided with helpful communication tools and the Insights Discovery colour language, which they can continue to use in everyday life, to communicate and perform more effectively.

Ingo Hock, a licensed Insights Discovery Associate & Practitioner since 2010, facilitates the workshop, encourages discussions, guides through individual exercises and small group work and advises your team on your specific questions with the help of the Insights Discovery team wheel.

Expert Bio

Orvieto Academy Experte: Ingo Hock
Ingo Hock ORVIETO ACADEMY expert

“I believe that it is worth exploring the world inside and around me again and again with an alert mind and open eyes, and inspiring others from this deep source. I advise and accompany organizations, teams and leaders, offer this orientation in change, empower and encourage people to discover their potentials, to use their talents and to believe in their strengths, and thus put them in a position to go their own way. This is my request in organizational development, personnel selection, training, workshops and coachings.”

Our method

The workshop offers all the prerequisites for a pleasant working atmosphere and an individual setting. The programme takes care to address the individual, concrete questions of the participants. Your trainer imparts comprehensive knowledge combined with many practical experiences, examples and exercises. She shows tools and aids that can be integrated into everyday working life (quick references).


Ingo Hock will be available to all participants until one year after the workshop for specific questions regarding the seminar content and the implementation of the workshop content in practice.

Who is the seminar suitable for?

This workshop is exclusively for existing teams who want to better understand how preferred behavioural patterns influence relationships with others.

The Orvieto Recipe

We focus on content that serves a purpose, but also meets aesthetic, meaningful and harmonious criteria: Depth in the discussion and learning topics; trust and empathy in the interaction within the ORVIETO ACADEMY. Entrepreneurial thinking, attentive listening and acting, focusing on people and their strengths.

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