Dr. Andreas Kleinschmidt

ORVIETO ACADEMY expert Dr. Andreas Kleinschmidt
Dr. Andreas Kleinschmidt ORVIETO ACADEMY expert

Dr. Andreas Kleinschmidt hosts events and broadcasts, delivers keynote speeches and works as a coach and trainer. He supports and advises startup companies through his work with seed funds in London and Munich.

Previously, he acted as corporate spokesperson and worked on communications for financial transactions with a total deal value of US$16bn. He also spent seven years in journalism, as a print and broadcast reporter, receiving the CNN Journalist Award for his international work.

Former employers include Siemens in Munich, JPMorgan Chase in London and Ogilvy & Mather in New York. One of his passions is modern and classical theatre. He enjoys hiking and cycling.

Andreas studied at Munich University and at the London School of Economics; he was trained as journalist at Deutsche Journalistenschule and as business coach at Meyler Campbell (accredited with the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches, WABC).

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