Reversed Pyramid: Unleash your leadership impact

Briefing Top Communication

Do you present in front of the board? Are you sitting on the podium at the industry congress? Do you have bad news for the team? Are you facing an interview where a lot can go wrong, a board meeting or a dinner speech? The “Executive Modus Briefing” puts you in the state that makes leadership impact possible.

How can we develop leadership effectiveness? The “Executive Modus Briefing” gives the answer: 12 steps that top managers can use to get themselves into an impact mode. “Executive Modus” is a mindset with access and more rhetorical altitude: 2.5 million screws were needed to build the Eiffel Tower, 21 charts fill the strategy meeting presentation, the house stands on seven pillars. The details may be interesting, but only the view from above has a personal impact.

The second focal point is linguistic pointing. This is about training good composition. We deal here daily with pyramids of boxes – whereas persuasive statements are more like funnels. Stefan Wachtel’s book on this is “Das Zielsatz-Prinzip”.

An offsite workshop whose participation will revolutionise your executive communication.

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Reversed Pyramid: Unleash your leadership impact

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Location: By arrangement
Duration: Depending on demand, usually 1-2 days
Language: Englisch or German
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ORVIETO ACADEMY expert: Dr. Stefan Wachtel
Dr. Stefan Wachtel ORVIETO ACADEMY expert

Dr. Stefan Wachtel, is “one of the gurus on the executive floors” (Focus) and one of the Leading Coaches of the World®. “The coach of the bosses” (Süddeutsche) trains international top managers from business, public administration and sport as an executive coach. Stefan Wachtel prepares their appearances, internally and externally, both in address and response, as individuals and in board workshops. His clients have so far included corporate board members from 14 DAX-30 corporations. He is also specialized in accompanying presentations and keynotes at TED-Talks, Noah Conferences, DLD. Dr. Stefan Wachtel has spent seven years coaching moderators, among others for ARD and ZDF, and also more than three years announcement training for Lufthansa pilots.

Dr. Stefan Wachtel is the laudator and initiator of the “Best Manager Appearance” award, which evaluates performances in “Executive Mode”.

Our method

The workshop offers all the prerequisites for a pleasant working atmosphere and an individual setting. The programme takes care to address the individual, concrete questions of the participants. Your trainer imparts comprehensive knowledge combined with many practical experiences, examples and exercises. He shows tools and aids that can be integrated into everyday working life (quick references).


Dr. Stefan Wachtel is available to all participants up to one year after the workshop to answer specific questions about the seminar content and the implementation of the workshop content in practice.

Who is the seminar suitable for?

This workshop is aimed at managing directors, board members and executives who want to receive impressive impulses for their personal presence, charisma, rhetoric and leadership effect from the “coach of the bosses” (Financial Times Deutschland).

The Orvieto Recipe

We focus on content that serves a purpose, but also meets aesthetic, meaningful and harmonious criteria: Depth in the discussion and learning topics; trust and empathy in the interaction within the ORVIETO ACADEMY. Entrepreneurial thinking, attentive listening and acting, focusing on people and their strengths.

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