Johannes von Hoyos

ORVIETO ACADEMY expert: Johannes von Hoyos
Johannes von Hoyos ORVIETO ACADEMY expert

Johannes von Hoyos’ greatest concern is, on the one hand, to combine organisational development with personal development; on the other hand, he is concerned with bringing individuals together to jointly design and experience strategies and transformations. These basic ideas find expression in various forms in his trainings, workshops and coachings. Johannes has extensive experience both in accompanying teams in very dynamic growth contexts from the start-up and scale-up sector and in working with executives from the corporate sector during change and innovation processes.

He gained a deep understanding of the demands on people and organisations in growth and change contexts during 10 years of entrepreneurial experience. Among other things, Johannes built up a lifestyle company in the food and retail sector with 150 employees as founder and CEO – but he has also already failed with other entrepreneurial ventures.

Johannes holds an MA in Economic and Cultural History from the LMU Munich and UC Berkeley, an Executive MBA in Innovation Management from TU Munich and UC Berkeley, has completed various systemic trainings and is a certified Scale-up Coach.

Johannes von Hoyos is an expert in organisational development for small and medium-sized enterprises in phases of scaling and change.

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Johannes von Hoyos

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