Learning from start-ups

Tools of agile leadership in transition

A speedboat is more agile than a tanker – but also much more vulnerable. In a crisis, these characteristics can determine whether a company disappears from the market particularly quickly or makes a particularly rapid adjustment. The dynamics of the crisis take place most quickly in small start-ups and larger scale-ups. What tools do their agile leadership teams use in days like these? And what can large organizations learn from them?

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Learning from start-ups

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Location: By arrangement
Duration: Depending on demand, usually 1-2 days
Language: German or English
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This is what you will learn in the seminar

A look at special structural features of agile SMEs:

  • How are small firms structured and how does that help in a crisis?
  • What mechanisms help small firms transform quickly and survive?
  • How do I prioritize in a vulnerable situation? And how can I completely reallocate my resources in a short time?
  • What tools allow me to have a structured and constantly updated perception of my context in stressful situations?
  • How can I adapt my decision-making and communication rhythm to rapidly changing contexts?
  • How does the relevance of my organisation’s strengths and weaknesses change in the face of VUCA on steroids?
  • How do I manage the energy of people in rapid and uncertain change?

Organizations of all types and sizes need to solve these questions for themselves. However, especially in small organizations, there is often a great deal of condensation of the issues of a crisis into a few people in terms of time and content. Moreover, events can be played out in a much more exemplary manner on the greenfield site that often still exists. This allows particularly insightful observations on the topic of leadership and strategy in stressful situations.

ORVIETO ACADEMY expert: Johannes von Hoyos
Johannes von Hoyos ORVIETO ACADEMY expert

As a multiple entrepreneur, Johannes Hoyos has brought together and developed thousands of young people in teams. Today, as a coach, he accompanies management teams of start-ups and scale-ups in the development of strategies and organisational structures. In the current crisis months, he was able in this way to shape and follow the most diverse perspectives and processing patterns in dealing with the crisis. At the same time, as a still active entrepreneur with 100 employees in the food and retail sector, he himself is strongly affected by the crisis.


ORVIETO ACADEMY founder: Emilio Galli Zugaro
Emilio Galli Zugaro ORVIETO ACADEMY founder

Emilio is a business coach with international experience, specialising in leadership development and communicative leadership. He was Global Head of Communications at Allianz Group from 1992 to 2015. Emilio has a wide range of experience as a leader in managing large specialist teams and as head of global crisis management for Allianz. Emilio is now a professional business coach for senior management and C-suite.

Emilio is considered a thought leader in the field of Communicative Leadership, which focuses on empowering and strengthening leaders and employees. His coaching style is described as results-oriented and honest, with a strong focus on listening, an understanding of the complexities of international operations and in particular diversity and culture-based differences. His professional experience in Italy, France, Benelux, Germany, Asia and the USA is an important anchor for consulting on multicultural issues. Emilio coaches in English, German and Italian, his mother tongue.

Our Method

The workshop offers all the prerequisites for a pleasant working atmosphere and an individual setting. The programme takes care to address the individual, concrete questions of the participants. Your trainer imparts comprehensive knowledge combined with many practical experiences, examples and exercises. He shows tools and aids that can be integrated into everyday working life (quick references).


Your coach team will be available to all participants until one year after the workshop for specific questions regarding the seminar content and the implementation of the workshop content in practice.

Who is the seminar suitable for?

Entrepreneurs and executives of small and medium-sized enterprises – as well as executives of large organizations who are looking for inspiration from the practices of agile SMEs.

The Orvieto Recipe

We focus on content that serves a purpose, but also meets aesthetic, meaningful and harmonious criteria: Depth in the discussion and learning topics; trust and empathy in the interaction within the ORVIETO ACADEMY. Entrepreneurial thinking, attentive listening and acting, focusing on people and their strengths.

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