Sebastián Gabriel Vivas

ORVIETO ACADEMY expert: Sebastian Vivas
Sebastián Gabriel Vivas ORVIETO ACADEMY expert

Born and raised on the Atlantic coast of Argentina, Sebastián turned to theology and philosophy at an early age. As a man of the word and the sciences, he devoted himself to his studies which led him to various renowned universities in Europe: at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, he graduated summa cum laude as an expert on the Christology of the German theologian Karl Rahner.

Both a person of practice and person-centered leadership, he has accompanied countless people as a pastoral counselor and coach. In institutions such as the university chaplaincy and organisations such as Caritas, he led major projects, bore responsibility for their improvement (process and organisational structure) and was called in as an expert for change processes and mediator for numerous conflict resolution processes. His work with groups and associations in South America, Italy and Germany makes him a specialist in leading multifunctional intercultural teams.

After numerous fulfilling years as a priest in the service of the Catholic Church, he decided against continuing this career and for love: with the consequent new start in Germany and the professional change of job through his further training as an expert in agility, he sufficiently demonstrated his agile mindset and change skills in his private life as well. He currently lives happily with his wife and child in Munich and is developing fruitful perspectives for the future of the corporate world from the confrontation between philosophy and new work.

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