Rosa Riera

ORVIETO ACADEMY expert: Rosa Riera
Rosa Riera ORVIETO ACADEMY expert

Rosa Riera is an entrepreneur, investor and advisory board member with many years of experience as an executive in multinational corporations. In her professional career, she has worked intensively on the topics of communication, leadership, corporate identity, storytelling and brand.

As a leader, she observed that teams were particularly effective when everyone could communicate at eye level. Rosa sees the task of a leader primarily in organising resources and removing obstacles.

Over the years, she has developed a deep trust in the ability of teams and groups to make flexible and intelligent decisions – provided they have the right conditions to organise themselves effectively and make contributions. The composition of teams plays just as big a role as the specific working conditions. One of the most important tasks of leadership is to shape these two components wisely.

Her focus is on the topics:
• Trust & Employee Experience
• Brand & Identity
• Diversity & Innovation



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