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Philipp Eder

ORVIETO ACADEMY expert: Philipp Eder
Philipp Eder ORVIETO ACADEMY expert

Lawyer – Attorney at Law – Mediator, Master in Economics & Management, Specialist Attorney for Insurance Law, Executor of a Will and Managing Director in the area of legal protection insurance at an international insurance group.

As a player with a broad sphere of influence in the Legal Eco System, Philipp Eder is an expert in all aspects of conflict resolution and can provide helpful support as a consultant and mediator. All topics around ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) have interested him for years. In addition to a wide range of practical experience, he has acquired a background of knowledge in this field during his university studies to become a mediator and through membership in various advisory boards of institutions dealing with out-of-court dispute resolution. Due to his many years of management experience in the private sector, he can also draw on a wealth of experience in the areas of change management, agile working and new work, which he can apply in a value-creating manner. As a collector of ideas, he is characterized by creativity, pleasure in thinking with a broad horizon and curiosity.

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