Marion Satzger-Simon

ORVIETO ACADEMY expert: Marion Satzger-Simon
Marion Satzger-Simon ORVIETO ACADEMY expert

Marion Satzger-Simon is a graduate psychologist, certified psychotherapist, executive senior coach (BDP & DBVC), instructor and supervisor, trainer and mediator.

Our attitudes are shaped by our internal value systems, our experiences and our capability to accept things and learn from our sucesses and also from our failures. Life is continuously offering us new opportunities. It’s up to us to take them into consideration inquisitively and openly and to grow with them.

The purpose of her work is to accompany people and to solve difficult and dissatisfying situations with personal and professional competence. For this trained perception, self-acceptance and understanding of one’s own self are important in order to recognize, where possible, solution hindering barriers and bottlenecks.

The result is the development of personal, professional and efficient skills and abilities which can be trusted in and called upon in stressful and stagnant situations.

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