Irma Gross-Zinkann

ORVIETO ACADEMY expert: Irma Gross-Zinkan
Irma Gross-Zinkann ORVIETO ACADEMY expert

Coach-Pro® – Mediator BM® – Gestalt-therapeut® – Dipl.Ing. Arch.

Resilience-, Conflict- & Change-Management are her main topics. Her experience (e.g. 10 years at the university hospital) works in the stable containment of processes. Early on, she was strongly attracted by changes, which led her to integrate her professional experience in architecture and image design into elements of Gestalt Therapy. The systemic and psychodynamic coaching approach (IPOM: Institut für psychodynamische Organisationsentwicklung) enables sensitive changes of levels in the process.

Irma Gross-Zinkann effectively combines professional experience from various fields:

– as an architect (By- AK): clearly structured
– as a therapist (TUM): empathetic and experienced in training and workshops
– as a business coach: dedicated to highly challenged professionals
– as mediator BM®: active in conflict management and process-orientated
– even in constant change, e.g. through further training courses, e.g: LMU, IPOM

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