Irene Krapp

ORVIETO ACADEMY expert: Irene Krapp
Irene Krapp ORVIETO ACADEMY expert

Through her work in human resources management at the top management level of large companies as well as her own leadership experience at home and abroad, she knows the challenges that managers face. As a graduate psychologist and educationalist, Irene Krapp can help you in every phase of your professional development.

Her extensive studies, always accompanied by practical work, have shaped her professional development. She has always been interested in the personal development of people: through learning or changes in their profession and in places of work, as a woman or a man, as pupils or adults, in management positions, as a specialist or an academic. Each new step, whether through study, further education or professional experience, has awakened new insights in Irene:

Developmental psychology: understanding people.

Adult education: recognising how people learn and the ways they need to develop.

In business theory: The knowledge of organisational forms and the consequent strategic orientation.

Work Psychology & Organisational Development: The fascination for the versatile skills that people need in their jobs and how people and structures in companies or institutions influence each other.

Languages & experiences abroad: The understanding of other cultures and the joy of the specific characteristics of international cooperation and communication.

Leadership responsibility: The joy of reshaping in the interest of the company, but always together with the people employed.

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