Dennis Fischer

ORVIETO ACADEMY expert: Dennis Fischer
Dennis Fischer ORVIETO ACADEMY expert

Dennis Fischer is an explorer for “Future Work Skills”.

In order to be professionally successful in the working world of tomorrow, we need different skills than we have had up to now. Dennis Fischer set out on this quest six years ago. He has read over 500 business guidebooks, interviewed countless experts and gathered experience in trainings and keynotes.

His first book “52 Ways to Success – The Best Ideas from 500 Business Advice Books” was named one of the best career books of 2019 by the Hamburger Abendblatt. In addition to his own blog, he also writes as a columnist for the Handelsblatt.

His clients include DAX corporations, medium-sized companies and also start-ups.

He lives to the south of Munich so that he can be in the mountains as quickly as possible at the weekend. There he pursues his hobby of trail running and likes to jog where others hike.

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