Christine Kalkschmid

ORVIETO ACADEMY expert: Christine Kalkschmid
Christine Kalkschmid ORVIETO ACADEMY expert

Christine Kalkschmid is a lawyer with many years of experience as a manager and as a professional athlete.

After a successful career of 20 years as a lawyer and in positions of responsibility in multinational corporations  heading  international expert teams and large operational units, as manager of global programmes and most recently as head of HR for Allianz Suisse, Christine gave up the security of employment in the corporate world in order to devote herself more to the subjects close to her heart – sport and health.

She now combines her passion with her many years of experience as a manager, leader, HR and diversity expert to help organisations, teams and individuals in business and sport achieve better and sustained performance.

Her main focus is on the topics:

  • Team development and team performance (high performance teams).
  • Leadership development
  • Resilience and individual performance of managers and top performers
  • Stress and health management for individuals and companies
  • Diversity & inclusion

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