The ability to communicate your ideas with impact is a MUST-HAVE SKILL. However, it takes more than good ideas and a silver tongue.

To gain the trust and support of your internal and external stakeholders, it also requires Effective Listening (active + empathic).  After all, before you can lead or influence someone, they’ve got to trust you.

HIGH-IMPACT COMMUNICATION is an interactive “learning-by-doing” workshop to help you grow your communication impact for better job performance and better work relationships.

Workshop Objectives

  • Increase your speaking confidence in front of groups
  • Develop Effective Communication skills & strategies
  • Learn to use challenging questions and situations to your advantage
  • Integrate Effective Listening into your communication style

Workshop Content

  • Strategy & structure: The foundation of Effective Communication
  • Audience-Centered Communication: How & why to tailor your messages
  • Golden rules of Effective Communication, incl. non-verbal
  • Challenging Q & A’s, i.e. “communicating under pressure”
  • The role of Effective Listening for building trust (active + empathic)
  • How to use Storytelling to make your messages stick

Target Group

Team or project leaders to C-suite (from same or different areas of business)
  • Fakten zum Seminar
    • DATE | September 24th
    • LOCATION | Munich
    • DURATION | 1 day
    • START & END TIMES | 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
    • LANGUAGE | English
    • SMALL GROUP | up to 12 participants
    • PRICE | 950 € plus VAT



With over 20 years’ experience in the field of People & Organizational Development, I’ve experienced what it takes to effectively lead and collaborate across cultures (national & org’l). This provides me valuable insight into the big challenges of the modern workplace, including the complex nature of interpersonal relationships. More importantly, it helps me connect to your unique situation so that I can support you.

I’m an EAGT Gestalt Practitioner in Organizations and serve on the Organization Development Network Europe Board of Directors. I was born in Los Angeles, California in 1971 and am now based in Munich, Germany.