Dr. Vanni Landi
Experte für die ORVIETO ACADEMY

I am an Italian/German psychological consultant, trainer, and ICF-accredited Associate Certified Coach. For twenty years I have delivered psychosynthesis training and counselling in different European countries through my Munich-based business. I am now using this experience to provide coaching for business teams. I deliver coaching and training in English, Italian and German.

My journey has taken me from a degree in pharmaceutical chemistry into psychology, picking up a qualification in systemic family therapy and system coaching on the way.
My main focus today is as an organisation and relationship system coach.

A lifelong commitment to supporting the self-realization of my clients is the common thread running through all my work. Through systemic coaching I help individuals and teams better understand the dynamics of team working. I coach for added performance.

I use my scientific background, my experience in psychology and my knowledge of neuroscience to provide organisations and business leaders with important additional insights into how to build effective teams.

I am strongly committed to leadership development. I am passionate about helping individuals to express the best of themselves and to find their ‘inner leader’.

I believe that the world needs new leaders to solve the urgent challenges we face. My coaching is dedicated to identifying, nurturing and empowering leaders among us who may not yet be aware of what they can achieve